The political action committee for, a large progressive activist group, has been fined by the Federal Election Commission for failing to forward earmarked contributions to campaigns within the permissible time period, enforcement filings show.

A negotiated settlement approved in late August and released in September between the commission and MoveOn required the group to pay a civil penalty of $1,575 in fines for its failure to consistently forward the earmarked contributions—or donations given from individuals to MoveOn that were directed toward specific candidates or campaigns—during at least three separate filing periods.

In a 200-page report sent from the Reports Analysis Division to the Office of the General Counsel on Nov. 17, 2017, consisting of the complaint, responses, designation of counsel, and extension of time, the violation was said to have stemmed from the organization’s PAC forwarding $65,256.16 in deposited earmarked contributions from individuals to federal committees more than 10 days after the receipt dates during the 2016 elections.

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