The Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a leftist organization that receives funding from activist labor unions, is calling for the government to raise the federal minimum wage.

A study produced by the liberal think tank has added emphasis to the “inequality” agenda driven by Democrats and the Obama administration. Obama is calling for the government to increase the federally enforced minimum wage to $10.10 an hour from the current $7.25 “as part of a broader agenda of boosting pay checks for lower and middle-income households,” according to NBC News.

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez embraced the study produced by the activist non-profit funded in part by globalist George Soros and staffed with key Democrats, including former U.S. Secretary of Labor and professor at UC Berkeley, Robert Reich. In addition to representing the political interests of labor unions and large universities, EPI represents the Saul Alinsky founded Industrial Areas Foundation.

NBC has framed the effort to impose wage hikes on business as part of a larger ideologically driven culture war.

Additionally, the Soros-funded EPI argues wage disparity is not a result of globalization but inaction by government.

“The authors of the paper argue that wage growth for the average household has been thwarted more by changes in government policies than by global forces,” NBC reports. “Among those is the failure to update the federal minimum wage to keep up with inflation. In real terms, the spending power of a federal minimum wage has fallen to levels last seen in the 1960s.”

Unmentioned here is the fact inflation is created by the federal government and the Federal Reserve, a cartel of bankers masquerading as a quasi-government agency.

“Who benefits from inflation?” Ron Paul asks. “Only those who are at the top of the pyramid and receive all that new money directly from the source. As you might have guessed by now, the source is the Federal Reserve, and its recipients include the government which ‘borrows’ a lot of new money each year, without any intention of ever paying it back.”

Democrats also insist increasing the minimum wage will not destroy service sector jobs, the only viable employment that remained for unskilled workers after the manufacturing base in America was dismantled and shipped by transnational corporations to slave labor gulags in China and Asia.

“Minimum wage laws always decrease employment opportunities and always interfere with free choice and the freedom of contract,” writes Dom Armentano. “They are supported by politicians seeking votes and by labor unions anxious to cripple non-union, low cost competitors.”

Finally, the inequality agenda is aimed squarely at what might be characterized as the middle tier rich, not the upper echelon super-rich who avoid taxation, as Warren Buffet admitted as part of the Democrat effort to raise taxes on producers. The middle tier rich – primarily millionaires, not billionaires and large multinational corporations – are not politically represented in Washington, although Republicans claim they are the party of business (in fact they are the party of business – big business).

The middle tier wealthy produce most of the jobs in the United States. The Democrat inequality agenda is designed to confiscate more middle tier wealth for government. This will lead to a decrease in employment opportunities for the working poor and lower income Americans who are routinely victimized by an economic system dominated by financial capital.

As the engineered subprime bubble crisis and the government’s response to it demonstrated, fresh influxes of confiscated wealth and “new money” created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve (thus exacerbating inflation) are intended to benefit and bail-out the financial elite and not benefit the working poor and a shrinking middle class.

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