A Soros group is the most vocal critic of an EU court verdict allowing companies to ban employees from wearing burkas.

The Open Society Justice Initiative, founded by globalist George Soros, claimed the ruling “weakens the guarantee of equality” offered by EU non-discrimination laws.

“In many member states, national laws will still recognize that banning religious headscarves at work is discrimination,” said OSJI officer Maryam Hmadoun. “But in places where national law is weak, this ruling will exclude many Muslim women from the workplace.”

The court said corporate burka bans do not constitute direct discrimination because customers have a choice whether or not to accept services from workers wearing Islamic headscarves.

It’s the age-old axiom: the company’s survival is dependent on the customer’s demands – and the court recognized that.

The OSJ’s criticism is weak; the majority of Muslim migrants in Europe are already excluded from the workplace because they lack fluency in their new country’s language and other critical skills.

Of the 1.2 million migrants who arrived in Germany since 2015, only 34,000 have maintained employment, according to a German government study.

“The statistics from the German government’s Institute for Labour Research (IAB) reveal how only 3% of those who travelled to the country are now working,”  reported the Daily Mail. “And in addition out of those who are employed, nearly a quarter are just on temporary contracts, with the numbers applying to migrants mostly from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea.”

The IAB said it’s unrealistic to expect a “decent proportion” of migrants to enter well-paid, skilled labor like car manufacturing.

The real reason why the OSJI is attacking the court ruling is because Soros is fueling the migrant crisis in Europe to unleash “global government,” which is easier to do with a welfare population completely dependent on the government.

“Hacked documents taken from the billionaire’s Open Society Foundation International Migration Initiative Thursday illustrate the extent to which the group has been working to make nations accept the current migrant crisis as the ‘new normal,’” reported Adan Salazar.

Here’s a few notable excerpts form the OSFI’s internal memo:

The current refugee crisis is creating space to reconsider the governance of migration and the international refugee regime.


The current climate presents new opportunities for reforming migration governance at the global level, whether through the existing multi-lateral system, or by bringing together a range of actors to think more innovatively.


The refugee crisis is opening new opportunities for this.

Check out the leaked 9-page report in its entirety below via DCLeaks.com:

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