An Italian-based lobbying organization tied to George Soros is calling on journalists to eliminate all language that could portray migrants in a negative light, including phrases like “illegal immigrant” and “Islamic extremist.”

The list of terms to be banned for use by journalists was released by Association Carta di Roma, an Italian-based immigration lobbying organization that “seeks to be a stable reference point for those who work on daily basis with media and minorities issues.”

Founded in December 2011, Association Carta di Roma uses “research and monitoring activities,” along with “training activities for media operators,” to promote “respect and guarantee of the rights of asylum seekers, refugees, migrants or minorities in general.”

The organization has requested terms such as “clandestine” (clandestine migrants), “zingari” (gypsies), “nomadi” (nomads), and “extracomunitari” (those coming from outside the European Union) not be used by journalists.

While those terms broadly encompass a large number of people, even precise ethnic terms such as “Albanian,” “Maghrebi” and “Chinese” should not be used in news reports because “today, they are no longer neutral.”

Association Carta di Roma also demanded journalists not report on the ethnic origin of those who commit crimes, stating “journalists are encouraged to ensure the anonymity of asylum-seekers, refugees, victims of trafficking and migrants involved in news events – including those involving crime – where reference to their identity could cause them harm.”

The phrase “Islamic extremists” should be replaced by the term “extremists” in order to avoid causing unwarranted prejudice against Muslims, according to the organization.

Journalists should take cultural diversity into account in their reporting in order to ‘promote mutual understanding between national, social, cultural and religious groups in the local area, therefore enhancing social cohesion,” according to the report.

George Soros, through his Open Society Foundation, is a major financial supporter of Association Carta di Roma; the Open Society Foundation logo features prominently on the Carta di Roma website, as does the logo for the Untied Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

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