Kurt Nimmo
August 2, 2011

Media Matters, a George Soros funded establishment disinfo project, claims Fox News is “moving increasingly toward pushing the conspiratorial views” of Alex Jones. Media Matters made the claim after Fox News picked up an Infowars.com story covering a Department of Homeland propaganda video portraying domestic terrorists as white people. Fox rarely attributes Jones and his websites when it harvests news from them.

Fox News on July 21, 2011.

Last month, Fox’s Eric Bolling picked up the Infowars.com story. “We at The Five this morning, we’re looking over some stuff, and this thing came, it hit us right smack in the face.” Echoing the Infowars item, Bolling went on to say that the video shows “white male average Americans end up being the terrorists, and the people calling the terror in happen to be — all of them happen to be black, Asian or Arab,” he said.

Media Matters claims Glenn Beck has channeled Alex Jones by having G. Edward Griffin on his show. According to Media Matters, Griffin is a conspiracy theorist because he talks about and criticizes the Federal Reserve. Media Matters says Jones is linked to the establishment media operation Fox because he praised Beck and Fox for telling the truth about the Federal Reserve, something the rest of the corporate media strenuously avoids.

Fox and Beck have since parted ways.

Soros, the New Democrats, MoveOn.org and their associated “progressive” comrades have made a cottage industry out of attacking Fox News. They aim to destroy the “right-wing” establishment network by linking it to Alex Jones.

The effort is backfiring. Conflating Beck and Fox with Alex Jones and Griffin drives more people to the websites of Jones and Griffin where they read the truth about the Federal Reserve and the bankers and their plan to decimate the economy and create a global authoritarian government and usher in a neo-feudal system.

Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com have not invented this plot. Aspects are routinely covered by the corporate media – including Fox News – as positive. It only becomes an evil conspiracy theory when Jones and others in the truth movement report it and make obvious conclusions.

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