Kurt Nimmo
August 17, 2012

George Soros’ attack dog, ThinkProgress, has exploited a supposed clerical error on an ammo purchase by the National Weather Service that was actually ordered by NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement as an excuse to attack Rand Paul, Alex Jones and Infowars.com.

photoMore lies and distortion from Soros’ ThinkProgress propaganda front.

Reporting the clerical error as fact prior to the about face by the government has provided the Soros funded operation with an excuse to slam both Kentucky senator Rand Paul, who mentioned it before the clarification, and Alex Jones, who posted a story about the original bid offer posted on the FedBizOpps website.

“That a United States Senator would lend even a smidgen of credence to this conspiratorial nonsense is disgraceful,” ThinkProgress writes. “But perhaps we shouldn’t be a surprise: InfoWars’ biggest mainstream booster is Matt Drudge, one of the most influential news sources on the American right. Naturally, InfoWars’ story on the NWS ammunition order was Drudge’s top link yesterday.”

ThinkProgress characterizes the story by Paul Joseph Watson as “fictitious” when at the time it was truthful reporting based on a posted government bid that was later characterized as a clerical error.

Here is the government correction reported by the Washington Post:

Due to a clerical error in the federal business vendor process, a solicitation for ammunition and targets for the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement mistakenly identified NOAA’s National Weather Service as the requesting office. The error is being fixed and will soon appear correctly in the electronic federal bidding system. The ammunition is standard issue for many law enforcement agencies and it will be used by 63 NOAA enforcement agents in their twice annual target qualifications and training.

In other words, the original post – again, if we can believe demonstrably pathological liars in the federal government – is an error and Watson’s story is not fiction, but truthful reporting based on the government’s own information.

But then George Soros’ scriveners make a living – or collect grant money – twisting the truth and using mischaracterization as ammo in a sustained effort to attack legitimate alternative media not sucking off the teat of a one-world globalist frontman who is a predatory financier exploiting naïve “progressives” no different from the so-called capitalists (in fact, they are modern mercantilists and monopoly men) they self-righteously claim to oppose.

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