Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is in hot water once again for her attempts to retroactively force Social Justice concepts into the beloved children’s tales.

The only problem is that the Harry Potter series, just like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or any other fantasy epic, is chock-full of “right-wing” morals.


1. The “Daily Prophet” Is The Mainstream Media

– No work of fiction has ever depicted the phenomenon of “Fake News” as well as when Harry Potter is smeared by the mainstream newspaper and must go to the alternative media to get out the truth.

2. Dumbledore’s Army Is A Militia

– When the government is turned against them, the kids of Hogwarts band together and train to defend themselves.

3. Wand Rights Are Gun Rights

– A main theme of Harry Potter is that a good guy with a wand can beat a bad guy with a wand.

4. Government Undermines Defense Against The Dark Arts

– Voldemort’s agents use education to bring down the defenses of the students and make them easier to control.

5. That Dolores Umbridge Energy

– The only person more hated than Voldemort is Dolores Umbridge, whose smug, self-satisfied evil is reflected in the spirit of the Democratic party.

6. Slytherins Seek Power Over All Else

– The group of evil wizards is obsessed with gaining power over others, which they justify by considering themselves morally superior. Sound familiar?

7. The Desire For Immortality Is The Basis Of Evil

– Voldemort’s lust for immortality is the fulfillment of Lucifer’s promise to Adam and Eve.

8. Identity Politics Are Evil

– Griffyndors are meritocratic, whereas Slytherins care most about your bloodline.

9. Dementors Use Psychological Domination To Depress Their Victims

– The prison in Harry Potter doesn’t even have doors because the Dementors use their influence to depress prisoners to the point that they are incapable of escaping.

10. Harry Is A Christ-Like Figure

– The character of Harry is self-sacrificial, humble, and courageous. Christ serves as the model for his character, much like protagonists all across the western canon.

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