Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has been told by Robert Mueller’s prosecutors that it’s a foregone conclusion he will be indicted.

Reports are circulating that Robert Mueller’s team advised Manafort that they “planned” to indict him after raiding his Alexandria, Va home back in July.

However, according to Trump confidante Roger Stone, Manafort’s lawyers have been told not just that an indictment will be brought before a Grand Jury, but that it’s already a done deal that Manafort will be indicted.

According to Alex Jones, the fact that Mueller’s prosecutors are so confident that Manafort will be indicted is potential evidence of “Grand Jury tampering”.

The New York Times reports that Mueller’s team have resorted to “shock-and-awe tactics to intimidate witnesses and potential targets of the inquiry.”

As we reported earlier, revelations that Manafort’s communications were being wiretapped before and after the election prove that the entire Trump campaign was under surveillance.

CNN was forced to acknowledge that Trump may have been correct when he asserted this, despite relentlessly attacking him at the time for his tweets on the matter.

Meanwhile, Roger Stone has tweeted that the feds were also “eavesdropping” on his phone calls with Manafort during the inauguration and transition.


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