South Park once again took on political correctness Wednesday in a new episode of the hit animated show.

In a clip from the episode, entitled “Holiday Special,” white leftists are shown using a DNA testing service that allows them to feel oppressed once they learn they have some minority ancestry.

“Turns out I’m not totally white,” one character says. “I am also part northern Asian and even some Kurdish. I’m a victim of oppression.”

Another character using the “DNA and Me” service also claims victimhood upon learning his minuscule connection to native Americans.

“People made fun of me for being French,” another white character says. “DNA and Me showed I was eight percent Navaho. Nobody is making fun of me now, or my people, who are victims.”

“Order now and find out if your friends should be more sympathetic towards you,” the DNA and Me commercial says.

The episode also tackles other hot button issues such as the removal of controversial statues.

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