Elon Musk’s Mars colonization plans are no stranger to any of us. The billionaire wants to make mankind a multi-planetary species and has already made big strides toward achieving that goal. SpaceX recently launched Falcon Heavy rocket and is moving toward building BFR, a colossal spaceship designed to ferry people and cargo between Earth and Mars.

The BFR, presumably an acronym for “Big Falcon Rocket,” will be a 348-foot-long reusable space vehicle which will replace Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon after coming into operation. It will include a 157-foot-long payload module capable of carrying about 150-tonnes of load and an even taller booster which is expected to produce a whopping 11 million pounds of thrust at lift-off.

Using 31 methane-powered Raptor engines, BFR would serve a variety of markets, including point-to-point travel anywhere on Earth, but from the perspective of Mars, the spaceship will have all necessary facilities to keep humans comforted. As Musk said at a conference last year, the payload module of the vehicle will have large common areas and as many as 40 crew cabins, each capable of accommodating two to three individuals, with a galley and solar shelter to keep the spacefarers safe on their way to the Red Planet. Just behind the payload module, there will be two propellant tanks, which will hold fuel and oxygen.

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