At least 15 people have been arrested during raids today in Spain for being part of so-called “anarchist terror organization” in what the Spanish government is calling‪#‎OperacionPandora‬.

Photo: @JmGarretas

At quarter past five, an operation consisting of four Mossos d’Esquadra mobilized to carry out an operation against the Libertario movement. So far, the Mossos have raided the Kasa de la Montanya, the Libertarian Ateneo de Sant Andreu, the Anarchist Ateneo de Poble Sec and several private homes.

Photo: @15MBcn_int

Photo: @15MBcn_int

On orders from the Spanish National Court, in an operation ordered by Judge Javier Gómez Bermúdez, the agents have raided the Kasa de la Muntanya, the historic house which this year celebrates twenty five years of activity. They busted the main entrance of the house to gain access while a police helicopter with spotlights was above the building. The twenty inhabitants of the house were able to gather in the gym while police accessed the building. At the time of the police raid, the building had two children aged five and six years. The Mossos separated one of the minors from his father on the ground floor.

“Right now, operation against anarchists in Barcelona. 300 riot police in the Kasa de la Muntanya.”

The agents confiscated mobile phones, laptops and all computer devices that were found on the premises. Agents seized all types of documentation, while numerous electric home workshop tools were also confiscated.

About fifty people installed a roadblock on Travessera de Dalt, in a spontaneous act of solidarity with the Kasa de la Muntanya, until riot police dispersed them a few minutes after eight o’clock. Subsequently the solidarity group moved to the Plaza Lesseps and called for more protests.

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From the outside of the house located in the neighborhood of Gràcia district Salut, witnesses heard several firecrackers and said they could see in lights of several flashlights inside the building. The police operation is made ​​up of agents from the Information Division of the Mossos d’Esquadra, accompanied by a large number of members of the Mobile Brigade which, among other tasks, formed a perimeter around the whole area and denied access to the home.

Protests are already beginning and hashtag #YoTambiénSoyAnarquista (I am also anarchist) is trending in solidarity with those arrested.

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