January 24, 2013

Europe breaks up… bound to happen… will send the world into the next ‘great recession’ (or depression)

In American football, there’s a concept best described as “fatiguing the defense”….where the opposing team’s offense is so good…that the defenders finally get overwhelmed.

We are fast approaching this point with global govts and the rotten carcass of the Cold War, pre-Internet economy they seem bound & determined to keep propped-up.

Catalonia’s parliament approved a declaration of sovereignty

The proclamation defines the province of northeastern Spain as “legal and sovereign political entity” and start the road to self-determination 

The move was celebrated by the provincial president of Catalonia, Artur Mas (left), driver of Catalan sovereignty (AFP).

(CNNMéxico) – The Catalan Parliament approved on Wednesday a declaration of sovereignty that allows you to start a process for implementing the right of self-determination of the Spanish province through a referendum.

The Declaration of sovereignty and the right to decide the people of Catalonia determines “begin the process of realizing the right to decide for citizens and citizens of Catalonia can collectively decide their political future”, according to a Reuters report.

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