Ellen Cannon
Chicago Homeland Security Examiner
December 3, 2011

Yesterday, Secretary Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric Holder met with their counterparts from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Spain to discuss issues of points of cooperation in fighting terrorism. A primary objective of Secretary Napolitano’s focus on this trip was to successfully renegotiate a security agreement between the United States and the European Union regarding the sharing of passenger data. This objective was met with resistance over privacy concerns as well as the suggestion that the U.S. had not framed clear limits to the access and use over foreign passenger information.

At yesterdays’ a press conference in Paris along with French Interior Minister Claude Gueant and U. S. Attorney General Holder, Secretary Napolitano gave a speech echoing what the Obama administration has defined as the primary U.S. terror threat- “lone wolf” attackers.

Explaining that “lone wolf” terrorists are persons who act as individuals rather than members of a large terror network or believers in a grand conspiracy, Napolitano suggested “that we need to keep these dangerous travelers from reaching the U.S.” She went on to urge her European partners to finalize a deal “sharing passenger data.” (www.thesouthern.com12/2/11)

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