The Clinton Foundation is scamming millions of people by pocketing nearly all of the $30 million it’s raised for Haitians needing severe medical care.

Additionally, the mainstream media is ignoring over a million people are in distress in Haiti in favor of attacking Donald Trump.

“You’ve got the Clinton Foundation here, but guess where they’re at? At Port-au-Prince, wheeling and dealing at the Marriott, trying to put money in their own pockets,” Joe Biggs pointed out. “Meanwhile you have people here with their legs snapped and fractured backs trying to get help, trying to get out of here, trying to get the medical attention they should have, and the Clintons are more concerned with putting money in their own pockets.”

In other words, Bill and Hillary Clinton are taking advantage of a natural disaster to make millions, according to the Haitians themselves who are struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Infowars crew members recently travelled to Haiti with billionaire filmmaker and pilot Gary Heavin to expose the crimes of the Clintons against the Caribbean nation.

Joe Biggs and Michael Zimmermann left for the island on a mission to bring food and supplies to the people hit hardest by Hurricane Matthew.

On their journey they documented UN helicopters refusing to take dying Haitians to a hospital only 30 minutes away, a crowd of people nearly rioting when asked about the Clintons and drone footage of the destruction brought to an already suffering community.

Many groups are working with all their effort to assist the injured and hungry, but the Clinton Foundation is nowhere to be seen.

In 2010 Haiti was rocked by an earthquake killing around 9,000 people.

To donate to a real charity that’s actually helping the Haitians, unlike the Clinton Foundation, please visit FERHA, which is primarily managed and operated by Haitians.

Learn more how the Clintons preyed upon the island and took advantage of the victims in these special reports.

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