Alex Jones
May 4, 2009

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Attempting to access videos on the Alex Jones Channel produces this screen.

Infowars initially linked to a version of this video on the Alex Jones Channel on YouTube. Earlier today we discovered that the channel was taken down by YouTube for allegedly violating the site’s terms of use.

The Alex Jones Channel was a year and a half old and had over 30 million views. The average video on the channel had 10,000 views.

This egregious violation, resulting in months of videos disappearing into the memory hole of cyberspace, consisted of Alex Jones displaying a news article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on his show, something done numerous times a day on corporate media news programs. YouTube declares this is a copyright violation.

YouTube is engaged in a hunting expedition against Alex Jones and other truth tellers. Truth is no longer acceptable on the site as it transforms itself into a pale reflection of Hulu, a site owned and operated by NBC Universal (GE) and Fox Entertainment Group (News Corp), that is to say a joint venture by a corporation owned by a death merchant (GE manufactures attack helicopters and jet engines) and a disinformation platform owned by a notorious neocon, Rupert Murdoch.

In the Hulu-ized universe, there is no room for truth or alternative media — all channels will contain the same schlock and mindless pablum already available on cable and broadcast television.

YouTube, the emerging Hulu-ized version, has no use for Alex Jones and has specifically targeted him because his videos invariably draw a large (in the millions) number of people. His message is not welcome in a commercial space dominated by Wall Street bankers and the “entertainment” transnational corporations they own, operate, and use to disseminate their opiated propaganda.


YouTube is owned by Google, the mega-internet corporation that has as its motto “Don’t be evil.” Of course, for Google evil is a relative matter, especially when it comes to the corporation’s removal or omission of information from its services, especially in the totalitarian gulag of China.

Google is infamous for its politically motivated removal of information. In February 2003, Google stopped showing the adverts of Oceana, a non-profit organization protesting a major cruise ship operation’s sewage treatment practices. In October 2007, Google banned advertisements from Maine U.S. Senator Susan Collins’ reelection campaign because she criticized the Soros operation In April 2008, Google refused to run ads for a UK Christian group opposed to abortion.

In addition to taking down Alex Jones videos, YouTube has blocked videos produced by Wael Abbas, an activist who posted videos of police brutality, and the American Life League which is critical of Planned Parenthood.

YouTube has its agenda… and it fits in snugly with the agenda of the New World Order.

Now that YouTube has sabotaged the Alex Jones Channel, Alex will begin posting his videos on Jason Bermas’ Infowarrior channel.

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