A 15 meter (39.2 feet) long panel of cave art has been declared the most spectacular and impressive ever discovered on the Iberian Peninsula, according to BBC News.

Containing approximately 50 individual etchings, the panel was discovered near the Basque town of Lekeitio, in Biscay province, and could be up to 14,500 years old.

The depictions include horses, goats and bison, along with two lions which are a drastic departure from Paleolithic cave art previously found in the Biscay province. Some of the illustrations are also significantly larger than any found previously – with one of the horses measuring about 150 cm (4ft-11in) long.

The discovery was made earlier this year in the Armintxe cave and has since been evaluated by astonished experts. A senior official in Biscay, Unai Rementeria, told BBC News: “It is a wonder, a treasure of humanity.”

The cave is well-known among locals, yet no one had ever ventured the 50 meters it takes to reach the panel of etchings.

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