If you plan on traveling this Fourth of July weekend, you will encounter an increased number of “special TSA agents” and teams at large airline hubs.

For more than a week the federal government has warned of a terror attack over the holiday despite no credible threat beyond attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.

Regardless, last Friday the FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin warning of attacks against law enforcement officers and the military.

“There is no specific, credible intelligence to indicate any threats against celebrations over the Fourth of July weekend,” said a Homeland Security Department official. “However, we have seen repeatedly calls for violence over the past year by leadership and supporters of (ISIS) against members of the military and military installations, law enforcement, the U.S. government, and the American public. These threats are always taken seriously and we continue to work with state and local law enforcement to ensure their safety.”

The Washington Navy Yard false alarm or hoax on Thursday is being used by authorities to tell people to stay alert for possible ISIS terror over the weekend.

Jeh Johnson, the Homeland Security boss, said Americans must “remain vigilant” during Independence Day events and said security measures, including those unseen by the public, will be adjusted as necessary.

Mike Morell, a former CIA deputy director, said the baseless and speculative warning “resonated” with him because a large number of people align themselves with the Islamic State. He did not provide figures on this suspected alignment — although he claimed 50 people have been arrested — and also did not elaborate on how this particular terror threat differs from previous terror threats that turned out to be little more than government dispensed hype during a national holiday.

Fox News dials up speculative terror threat.

As Infowars.com noted on Thursday, the FBI has used the unverified threat of an attack to establish command centers around the United States. These command centers and so-called fusion centers are routinely used to monitor political activists, not supposed terrorists. The centers often work hand-in-hand with the private sector to undermine the Fist Amendment rights of American citizens.

Moreover, largely baseless terror warnings timed to coincide with holidays are used to keep the terror narrative moving along and serves as an advertisement for the terror industry and the military-industrial complex, now the military-intelligence-industrial complex.

The corporate media realizes the fatuousness of endless and unfounded terror warnings and has endeavored to dispel growing incredulity on the part of the American people.

“Perspective is important here,” reports CNN. “While they sound ominous, many of these warnings and precautions are also pretty routine. Any holiday weekend, and especially the Fourth of July, is a ripe target for a terrorist attack since more civilians travel and there are large ceremonial gatherings.”

Despite the fact al-Qaeda and now ISIS have singled out the United States as the primary target in a supposed war against the infidels, there has not been a single significant terror event in the US since September 11, 2011, nearly a decade and a half ago. Most of the supposed terror threats hyped by the establishment media are in fact patsy operations conducted by the FBI.

CNN would have us believe otherwise: “America is in a unique threat environment largely because of ISIS’ success as a global jihadist entity.”

The news agency, formerly a station for US Army psychological operations during the first Gulf invasion, argues that it is “a combination of good law enforcement work and luck” that has spared the country, but “that could change in a matter of days.”

The Fourth of July and Christmas in particular have been used for some time to remind Americans of the war on terror. The suspiciously over dramatized “false alarm” in the Washington Navy Yard was used by the propaganda media to get the attention of the public and keep it focused on the possibility of a terror threat.

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