The United States spends $600 billion a year on defense, but is still not certain that it can defeat Russia in a conventional conflict, a US military analyst admitted.

Russia is able to fight along its own border areas and open up fronts in multiple regions, making it almost impossible for the US and NATO to sustain a fight against them, Tyler Rogoway, the founder of Foxtrot Alpha weblog wrote on Friday.

Rogoway quoted Ray Odierno, the famed Four Star US Army General, as saying that “one of the things we learned is the logistical challenges we have in Eastern Europe. For example, Eastern Europe has a different gauge railroad than Western Europe does, so moving supplies is more difficult.”

“That is a pretty stupid lesson to learn considering the US has been operating in Europe for 75 years,” Rogoway noted.

General Odierno also said that only 33 percent of the US Army’s fighting brigades are ready to engage Russia, with 60 percent being seen as the minimal number needed to successfully do so.

What’s worse is that the Army will only hopefully reach that readiness number right before the end of the decade.

During the Cold War 250,000 US troops were garrisoned in Europe; today there are 31,000. This is a similar number to what America has in South Korea today.

Tyler Rogoway said that the leaked results of the “table-top war games” (where no actual weapons are fired but decision are made based force sizes, capabilities and each players moves) could be another ploy by the Pentagon to get more money for  the military.

“The truth of the matter is that it is pretty sad that America can spend $600 billion a year on defense and it still cannot be certain of vanquishing Russia during a conventional conflict,” Tyler Rogoway concluded.

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