President Trump highlighted Spotify’s removal of Alex Jones interviews from its back catalog of Joe Rogan Experience episodes.

On Tuesday, the president signaled his awareness of the continued Big Tech persecution of Alex Jones by retweeting an article detailing the music platform’s targeted censorship of the Infowars host.

Last week, after Spotify went live with its much-anticipated archive of Rogan shows, interviews containing Jones and other conservatives were noticeably absent.

After speaking to Rogan, Alex Jones announced the interviews would be doled out onto the platform in later rollouts starting next year.

Also on Tuesday, Trump continued his red-pilled rampage by posting Rogan segments in which the podcaster called out Joe Biden’s mental decline.

“Biden, to me, is like taking a flashlight with a dying battery and going for a long walk in the woods,” Rogan described.

In another tweet, the president highlighted far-left anger directed toward journalist Andy Ngo in direct messages by an Antifa agitator account on Twitter.

Trump’s latest tweets show he’s got a situational awareness birds’ eye view on multiple issues going into the election, defying the mainstream media’s efforts to limit his scope and rein him in.

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