Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones
August 31, 2010

According to the CNN report below, the government will use satellites “sparingly” to spy on the American people. However, as Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com have reported at least since 2007, the government has used this technology consistently to prey into the affairs of the citizenry. Spy satellite technology — lasers, infrared, electromagnetic data and other technologies — is a primary component in the police state control and surveillance grid. The technology was not designed to protect us from foreign terrorists.

In 2007, then director of National Intelligence, Michael McConnell, authorized Michael Chertoff’s Department of Homeland Security to use data collected from satellites and pass this information on to civilian agencies and law enforcement. Prior to this, we are told, access to only the most basic spy-satellite data was limited to a handful of federal civilian agencies, such as NASA and the US Geological Survey, which used the images for scientific and environmental study.

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So egregious was the plan to spy on the American people, the Department of Homeland Security’s top intelligence, privacy and civil rights officials were called before Congress in August of 2007 to answer questions about violating the privacy rights of Americans. DHS never got around to creating a legal framework or standard operating procedures for the National Applications Office, the agency responsible for oversight of satellite technology. It has no intention of ever doing so.

In May of 2008, Chertoff said during a speech at the Heritage Foundation that the U.S. needs to engage in a “nonpoliticized, serious discussion while writing new laws to define the best way to combat terrorism,” in other words the American people need to stop complaining about the government violating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and adjust their thinking to accept Stasi-like 24-7 snooping.

From RFID tagging school children and surreptitiously taking the blood of newborn babies to be included in a government DNA database to airport naked body scanners and warrantless checkpoints cropping up around the country, the government has stepped up its efforts to impose a high-tech surveillance and control grid on the American people.

Former CIA director Michael Hayden characterizes the internet as “lawless.”

Prior to the anointment of Barry Obama to the presidency, we were told government would suddenly become transparent. Instead, the policies escalated under Bush have continued. The Obama administration has taken the snoop grid to the next level with his plan to allow the NSA snoop computer traffic on private-sector networks. Congress is ready to hand him the authority to shut down the internet.

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It should be obvious to all who pay attention that the encroaching surveillance grid is not about saving us from al-Qaeda or medieval Muslims in remote caves, but is designed to be used to track and ultimately control the movement and thus liberty of the American people.

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