Multiple members of the Infowars staff were asked to choose what their all-time favorite Alex Jones rant was.

In no particular order, here are the four most popular picks!

1. The Justin Bieber rant

Arguably his best known rant, Alex blasted the world’s obsession with manufactured plastic heroes as opposed to the real trailblazers of history in this epic 2011 tirade.

Memorable quote: “I mean, kids, Magellan is a lot cooler than Justin Bieber! He circumnavigated, with one ship, the entire planet!”

2. The Kony Trendies

Responding to Kony 2012’s Pentagon-scripted propaganda, Alex blasted the viral scam’s obvious deception and the mindless trendies used to push it.

Memorable quote: “Chicken neck weakness is like a god now, and being totally passive and being a huge jellyfish slacker who looks like a fried egg in a chair. That is the culture of this, the worship of being destroyed.”

3. The FBI Rant

After the FBI approached an Infowars employee and began demanding information on Alex in 2012, Jones delivered a fiery rant in response to the nefarious encounter.

Memorable quote: “Get this through your fat brains, I am an American patriot! I am the good guy!”

4. The Demonic Mustache

Another 2012 rant surrounded federal and police corruption and how agencies become consumed when accountability goes out the window.

Memorable quote: “And all the average feds care about is dressing up in black uniforms and having mustaches and staring at people.”

Was your favorite on the list? Comment below with your favorite rant!

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