A staffer working for Mayor Pete Buttigieg called for Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz to be attacked with urine.

Gaetz tweeted about the comment a day after journalist Andy Ngo was viciously assaulted with quick drying cement by Antifa criminals in Portland.

“Hey [email protected]? – this is a reply from a member of your campaign inciting (rather gross) violence against me after someone previously threw a drink on me. Is this what your campaign stands for?” he asked.

The comment, which was made on Facebook by Samantha Pollara, was in relation to a milkshake attack on Gaetz on June 1 by 25-year-old Amanda L. Kondrat’yev, who was later charged with battery.

“Please, please let it be urine next time…,” commented Pollara.

Just as many on the left justified or celebrated the attack on Andy Ngo, which left him hospitalized with brain bleed, the June 1 milkshake assault on Gaetz was also lauded.

The Orlando Weekly said Gaetz had a “laundry list of milkshakable offenses” and called the person who filmed the assault on him a “true hero”.

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