Kurt Nimmo
February 5, 2014

Google Glass, the wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display, just got a little creepier.

It is an app called NameTag and is billed as the “first real-time facial recognition app for Google Glass.” According to the NameTag web page, the app “will allow users of Google Glass to capture images from their live video and scan them against photos from social media and dating sites, including more than 450,000 registered sex offenders.”

The company that developed the app, FacialNetwork.com, is busy at work creating the technology that will “allow the scanning of profile photos from dating sites such as PlentyOfFish.com, OkCupid.com and Match.com. The technology will allow users to scan photos against the more than 450,000 entries in the National Sex Offender Registry and other criminal databases.”

The app, now in beta, will be released this quarter. It is currently available for Google Glass beta testers.

“I believe that this will make online dating and offline social interactions much safer and give us a far better understanding of the people around us,” according to NameTag inventor Kevin Alan Tussy. “It’s much easier to meet interesting new people when we can simply look at someone, see their Facebook, review their LinkedIn page or maybe even see their dating site profile. Often we were interacting with people blindly or not interacting at all. NameTag on Google Glass can change all that.”

In a press release, Tussy says people will “choose whether or not they want their name and information displayed to others. It’s not about invading anyone’s privacy; it’s about connecting people that want to be connected.”

Imagine, though, what will happen when this technology escapes from the zoo.

It will be a dream come true for kidnappers, stalkers, extortionists, and unethical salesmen – a nightmare pandora’s box of high-tech facilitated abuse.

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