Starbucks just admitted it’s expanding in Republican red states because it’s too expensive to run a business in a blue state.

The coffee chain, which is the bastion of SJW politics, is closing 150 stores according to Bloomberg, but what’s revealing is where the stores are located.

Starbucks admits that the closing stores are often in “major metro areas where increases in wage and occupancy and other regulatory requirements” are making them unprofitable.

That’s ironic because Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, which passed a $15 minimum wage law back in 2014 that was heavily criticized by academics, libertarians and conservatives for its potential to drive away businesses due to increased operating costs.

For example, a University of Washington study found that when Seattle incrementally rose its minimum wage to $13 an hour, employers started cutting back on worker hours.

“Consequently, total payroll fell for such jobs, implying that the minimum wage ordinance lowered low-wage employee’s earnings by an average of $125 per month in 2016,” the study stated.

And now it appears that some Seattle-based baristas won’t have any hours or a place to work, period; Bloomberg’s article ran under the headline Starbucks Pumps The Brakes In Its Home Market.

But even without a $15 minimum wage, other Democratic metro areas often have red-tape regulations and other taxes that overburden businesses.

Moreover, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson also admitted “it’s middle American and the South that presents an opportunity.”

Wait a second, isn’t that Trump country?  Aren’t those Republican states?

So Starbucks is quietly admitting that it can’t run profitable stores in Democratic-controlled states, so now it’s building stores in Republican states, all while continuing to preach SJW values.

You cannot make this up.

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