Global chain Starbucks is seeking to inject coffee into race relations.

Beginning yesterday, employees at all Starbucks Coffee locations will be allowed to influence customers’ opinions regarding the current state of race relations in the US.

This week, billionaire CEO Howard Schultz announced the launch of the #RaceTogether initiative, which he claims came about after holding forums with employees at stores across the country.

“We at Starbucks should be willing to talk about these issues in America,” Shultz said during a conference at the company headquarters in Seattle. “Not to point fingers or to place blame, and not because we have the answers, but because staying silent is not who we are.”

According to Starbucks, “Baristas in cities where the forums were held said they wanted to do something tangible to encourage greater understanding, empathy and compassion toward one another. Given their willingness to discuss race relations, many partners wanted to begin conversations with their customers too.”

Taking a cue from baristas in New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Oakland and Los Angeles who “voluntarily” began inscribing cups, employees will have the option to hand select customers cups with the words “Race Together” written on them and engage them in a conversation about race.

Additionally, the company will provide flyers at stores, and has purchased full page ads regarding the initiative in this Friday’s copy of USA Today and last Sunday’s edition of the New York Times

While the alleviation of racial tensions is indeed a noble pursuit, it’s important to note that the issue has been steered into an anti-cop fervor, with several police officers being killed in the name of Mike Brown, Eric Garner and others.

It should also be noted that Schultz is an avid supporter of President Obama, whose administration has repeatedly been accused of attempting to stoke a race war by politicizing nearly every racial issue affecting America today.

Fortunately, many are already seeing through the inanity of having an employee at a coffee bar confront them about the vast topic of racism.

The hashtag #RaceTogether has apparently gone so awry that Starbucks’ Senior Vice President of Communications, Corey duBrowa, has reportedly had to delete his Twitter account.

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