Establishment pretends government officials do not benefit from close connections to financial elite

Kurt Nimmo
May 13, 2014

Asked today about Hunter Biden’s insider deal to run the legal department at Burisma Holdings, the largest gas producer in Ukraine, Obama spokesman Jay Carney and State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said Biden is a private citizen and his appointment has nothing to do with the government.

It was insinuated by a reporter Hunter Biden is comparable to a Russian oligarch, a characterization summarily dismissed by Psaki.

Imagine, however, if Hunter Biden, who has ties to the financial elite thanks to his influential father and once managed a hedge fund, was targeted by travel restrictions and sanctions like the Russian oligarchs currently are. Let’s say Obama’s “inner circle” was targeted by Russia for drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan. How big would the double standard be? How loud would the howls be at The New York Times and The Washington Post, the American equivalent to Russia Today and The Voice of Russia?

In the United States, the establishment likes to pretend government officials and their families do not benefit from close connections to the financial elite. In fact, government and banks and large transnational corporations have enjoyed a revolving door for some time. It is entirely fair to say they own the government lock, stock and barrel.

The corporate media excoriates Russia for regulating markets in favor of selected oligarchs and a continuation of Soviet era cronyism. However, the same situation exists in the United States and has for some time.

“Washington corruption — in the pattern of Vladimir Putin — is driving inequality and sinking family incomes. Higher taxes may catch your family doctor but politicians will find a way to exempt their supporters among the very wealthy,” writes Peter Morici.

Russia’s state-run media rarely takes the oligarchs to task. Likewise, in the United States, the state-run media, masquerading as a free press, while on occasion criticizing billionaires, rarely points out the fact bankers and transnational corporations own the government.


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