Rob Dew
November 1, 2010

Tomorrow the reigns of power will move to new masters. Will these changes be a step towards liberty and the rule of law or will we continue on increasing our slide toward tyranny and a Big Brother superstate? In my opinion state elections, which are often overlooked, can have the biggest impact on our day to day lives. For this election I decided to look up who is running for State Rep. in my districts in Austin Texas.


In district 47, incumbent Valinda Bolton (DEM) is running against Paul Workman (REP) and Kris Bailey (LIB). After looking at the three candidate websites and reading a local newspaper article, I would like to see Kris Bailey win the State Representative District 47 seat. He is against toll roads and for decriminalization of marijuana, two issues that neither of his opponents addressed (which usually means they are for the status quo). Kris Bailey also said that both Democrats and Republicans are for big government and more laws, something he is against. Check out his website, he is aware of the perils of overtaxation and big government. My pick for District 47, Kris Bailey (LIB)

Next is District 49 where incumbent Elliott Naishtat (DEM) is challenged by Nathan Kleffman (LIB) whose campaign slogan is “Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice.” Once again, I am voting Libertarian. The incumbent has held his office since the since late last century and is attorney. I believe attorneys have no place in politics as they are adept at writing loopholes and egregiously large legislation.

My pick for District 49 Nathan Kleffman (LIB)

The final race for State Rep is District 51 is another three way race between incumbent Eddie Rodriguez (DEM), Marilyn Jackson (REP) and Arthur DiBianca (LIB). The incumbent Eddie (GO GREEN) Rodriguez has bought the Carbon Nazi propaganda hook, line and sinker, expect him to be a proponent of smart meters, carbon footprints, and other business stifling legislation in an effort to protect us from what plants breathe. Marilyn Jackson’s number one platform is the elimination of property taxes. She is in the best position to take the district 51 seat from Rodriguez based on funding. Arthur DiBianca is a Libertarian and is the only candidate to demonstrate 100% courage based on the Vote Smart candidate issue test. On the other hand, Vote Smart says that “Representative Eddie R. Rodríguez refused to tell citizens where he/she stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders.”

It’s a toss up in but in 2008 Mr. DiBianca took 10.8% of the vote and he is my pick for State Rep in District 51.

I urge voters out there to take a look at your state representatives race. Visit their websites, read up on the issues to see where they stand. The State Sovereignty movement will go nowhere unless we have the representatives who are educated and pro states’ rights.

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Lately I have been reading and educating myself on what I eat and where it comes from. GMO food has no basis in our diet and those that think this type of food is ok are giving license to the Monsanto’s of this world to change the planet’s genetic code so we can have tomatoes that never rot, and super-sized cross bread salmon-inscetoids swimming in our rivers. Please read Seeds of Deception by Jeffery Smith and educate yourself on what the mad scientists of food are up to. Here is a statement sent to INFOWARS from Texas Agriculture Commissioner candidate Rick Donaldson:

The entire food system in America is being contaminated from the bioterroristic activities being perpetrated by companies such as Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont and others with their genetic modifications of seeds that are engineered with chemicals, insecticides, and animal DNA to help maximize profits for their patent holders.

GMO is creating new health risks for animals and humans throughout the world, with the worst being found in India. Yet, In America, the problems are being downplayed and called “allergies” and “gluten intolerance”, since the doctors cannot really figure it out, or, are being prohibited, because of current licensing and contractual obligations, from speaking out.

As Texas Agriculture Commissioner, it is my job to certify the quality of seeds being sold and distributed for planting, as well as certification of the efficacy and safety of any and all chemicals being sold for use in Texas. When I worked for Chemlawn Corporation, and saw firsthand how the non toxic chemicals are really toxic to both humans and animals. I’ve seen how foods being grown can have residues left on them, even after a good washing, before distribution into the food chain.

My main desire for Texas is to remove all of the afore mentioned products from the grocery shelves and any other place they can be found, to protect Texans, and ultimately Americans from the repercussions being found in the hospitals of America.

Frankenfish, from Aquatechnology is another bad product that I am currently averse to, as well.

I believe it is the job of the Agriculture Commissioner to maintain the safety of ALL things agriculture within the borders of Texas.

I believe it is incumbent on the Agriculture Commissioner to fight back against all intrusions of the FDA, USDA, EPA, and all of the alphabet agencies not authorized by Article 1 section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

I believe that the Agriculture Commissioner has the authority of the people using the  Texas Constitution, at article 1 section 2, to push the federal government out of the State of Texas for the benefit of all of the people of Texas.

I believe it is beyond the time necessary for those elected to ‘support and defend’ the Constitution of the United States and Texas to stand up for those who would elect them to office, rather than be the lapdogs of the internationalists, whether they be from the IMF, corporations, or the U.N.

I believe I will have a long row to hoe, after being elected by the people of the State of Texas.

I know I will be a target that will need to be neutralized from the GMO manufacturers and Blackwater when elected.

I believe that with the people and the Almighty Creator on our side, ALL things are possible.

Rick Donaldson (

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Candidate , Libertarian

The incumbent Todd Staples makes no mention of GMO foods, therefore is probably ok with you sitting down to nice dinner of RoundUp Ready Corn Fed Steak.

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Know what you eat, and educate yourself on local and state elections and vote on Tuesday.

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