A Washington state representative joked about brain damaging vaccines last week shortly before voting to support legislation that would dismantle vaccine exemptions for children.

Republican Norm Johnson, a member of the Health Care and Wellness Committee, made the joke as he attempted to explain why parents should not have total control over what is put in their children’s bodies.

“I’ll be voting yes. I may be the only R that votes yes…” Johnson said.

Struggling to remember a fellow legislators name, Johnson sarcastically stated the his sudden memory loss must be the result of vaccination-induced brain damage.

“I destroyed my brain when I was vaccinated,” he said as fellow legislators burst into laughter.

The comment quickly made waves through the community, prompting a courageous response from a local resident named Daniel who was negatively affected by vaccines.

“I got sick from vaccines. I have inflammation in my brain and immune system damage,” the young man said. “I don’t think you understand how terrible it is to be sick from vaccines.”

The bill, which passed out of committee, removes a parent’s ability to exempt school-age children from vaccinations over personal and philosophical reasons.

Despite the insensitive comments from Johnson, the federal government is responsible for noting such damages under the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a program which receives as many as 20,000 reports every year.

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