Axel Tonconogy
July 3, 2012

The Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act last week has hardly made the bill any more popular—in fact, 49% of Americans disagree with the decision, according to a CNN poll yesterday. Looking at those numbers, however, reveals something more interesting than the typically expected partisan divide.

Harvard’s Jeff Frankel has shown that the greater the index of obesity in a state, the more likely they are to oppose the health care act.

Curious data, considering that morbidly overweight individuals are some of the ones that stand to benefit the most from the reformed legislation. Before Obama passed the Affordable Care Act—by the slimmest of margins, with no Republican votes—insurance companies could turn away those with pre-existing conditions, or charge them higher rates if they were pre-disposed to illness. The new bill eliminated those restrictions and discrimination, providing essential support to obese Americans, who incur medical costs 42% higher than those with healthier, slimmer waistlines.

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