As social justice warriors attempt to misdirect justified anger over the non-indictment of Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the choking death of Eric Garner to make the issue all about race, statistics continue to illustrate how police brutality is a threat to all Americans, no matter what their skin color.

With Caucasians busy confessing their “white guilt” under the umbrella of the #CrimingWhileWhite Twitter hashtag, the reality of police brutality has been revealed by statistics out of the Centers For Disease Control which show that on average, almost three times more whites than blacks are killed per year by cops. With the white population roughly equating to three times that of the black population in the United States, these stats correlate with a trend of police brutality targeting all races, with the violence not being disproportionately directed towards blacks.

Instead of having a nuanced debate about what drives police profiling of black people and why cops immediately resort to violence in many cases, collectivists have ensured that the narrative is focused solely on “white guilt,” a misdirection that only serves to fuel a cultural race war, while communist groups have also hijacked the cause to push anti-capitalist economic sectarianism.

The very real problem of criminality and violence within the black community has also been completely overlooked in the rush to blame police brutality on “white privilege”.

FBI crime statistics show that black people commit almost the same number of homicides as whites and Hispanics put together, yet they represent only 13 per cent of the population. Again, despite representing only a fraction of the population, 93 per cent of blacks are killed by other blacks, according to Justice Department figures.

This problem of criminality and violence in the black community has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with the glamorized ‘thug life’ culture promoted by (white-owned) entertainment companies via hip-hop and rap music.

The problem of brutality and abuse of force amongst police officers has nothing do with skin color and everything to do with increased militarization and federal training which encourages cops to see citizens as the enemy in a warzone.

Both of these integral factors have received little or no attention as a result of social justice vultures making the issue all about race. This isn’t about “white privilege,” it’s about “blue privilege,” a system that allows cops to get away with murder no matter the skin color of the victim.

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