Police in Belgium are on high alert after a man called his mother from Syria warning her to stay away from the city of Antwerp because another major terrorist attack may be imminent.

The son urged his mother not to visit crowded places in the city, including the Meir, the city’s main shopping street, as well as large cinemas.

The rumor began spreading like wildfire on social media on Wednesday and was later confirmed as a genuine threat by police.

“That message has reached us several times,” police spokesman Wouter Bruyns told gva.be. “In times of heightened terror threat we take such reports very seriously,” he added.

Police are investigating the call but refuse to be drawn on whether a concrete plan for an attack is in the works.

Belgium remains on high alert after last month’s attacks in Brussels at an airport and a metro station which killed 32 people and injured over 300.

The identity of the mysterious “man in the hat” who was caught on surveillance cameras walking alongside the two suicide bombers shortly before they blew themselves up at Brussels Airport may have finally been revealed after police said they were hunting an individual named Naim al-Hamed.

“Al-Hamed has a similar black goatee beard as the man at the airport, who was wearing the dark hat and a light jacket,” reports ABC Australia. Al-Hamed is considered to be armed and dangerous.

Police in Brussels also released new footage which illustrated how the individual left the airport on foot before walking 10 kilometers into the heart of town. He discarded his pale jacket but continued to wear the hat.


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