Kurt Nimmo
March 2, 2010

According to the CIA’s favorite newspaper, The Washington Post, a lot of money is leaving Afghanistan and it is confounding U.S. officials. “The cash, estimated to total well over $1 billion a year, flows mostly to the Persian Gulf emirate of Dubai,” reports the newspaper.

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Before the CIA’s covert war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, the country produced zero percent of the world’s opium.

“The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, for its part, is trying to figure out whether some of the money comes from Afghanistan’s thriving opium trade.”

Some of the money?

Afghanistan is the largest producer of opium in the world. A whopping 93% of all the opiates in the world originate in Afghanistan.

The Taliban banned opium cultivation after they were installed by the CIA and Pakistan’s ISI intelligence service. Since the defeat of the Taliban in response to their intransigence and lack of business savvy, opium production has skyrocketed.

Before the CIA’s covert war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, the country produced zero percent of the world’s opium. During this covert war instigated at the highest levels of the U.S. government, the CIA-supported Mujahedeen rebels (later known popularly known as al-Qaeda) engaged heavily in drug trafficking. “The Agency’s principal client was Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, one of the leading druglords and a leading heroin refiner,” writes author William Blum.

Back in October of 2009, The New York Times reported that Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of the installed president of Afghanistan (a former CIA-ISI operative and Unocal employee), is on the CIA payroll.

“Officials quoted by The Times described Karzai as a Mafia-like figure who expanded his influence over the drug trade with the aid of U.S. efforts to eliminate his competitors,” writes Paul Joseph Watson. “The New York Times exposé pins the blame on Karzai, but fails to explain that one of the primary reasons behind the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan was the United States’ agenda to restore, not eradicate, the drug trade.”

Al Jazeera piece on Afghanistan’s opium trade.

In 2002, a U.S. foreign intelligence official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told NewsMax.com about the CIA’s involvement in the international illegal drug business. “The CIA did almost the identical thing during the Vietnam War, which had catastrophic consequences — the increase in the heroin trade in the USA beginning in the 1970s is directly attributable to the CIA. The CIA has been complicit in the global drug trade for years, so I guess they just want to carry on their favorite business,” the official said.

Former Managing Director and board member of Wall Street investment bank Dillon Read, Catherine Austin Fitts, has long alleged that the banksters launder imponderable amounts of drug money. “According to the Department of Justice, the US launders between $500 billion – $1 trillion annually. I have little idea what percentage of that is narco dollars, but it is probably safe to assume that at least $100-200 billion relates to US drug import-exports and retail trade,” writes Fitts.

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Fitts’ assertion was underscored by Antonio Maria Costa, director of the Vienna-based UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), who said in January of 2009 that the illicit drug trade has been used to keep banks afloat during the global financial crisis. “In many instances, drug money is currently the only liquid investment capital,” Costa said. “In the second half of 2008, liquidity was the banking system’s main problem and hence liquid capital became an important factor.”

The CIA “is the active force that puts the plans and schemes of the most powerful Wall Street, armaments and oil interests into operation. Within the CIA the lines between the state and private, corporate power are totally blurred, in fact have melded into one,” writes Max Kolskegg (9/11 In Context: Plans and Counterplans).

U.S. officials, according to The Washington Post, claim “this money magically appears from nowhere” and ends up in Dubai banks. In predictable fashion (since the Post is the CIA’s crown jewel of Operation Mockingbird propaganda), the newspaper fingers the Ansari Exchange, an Islamic hawala, for the tremendous amount of money departing the country.

Once again, Muslims play the fall guy. As noted above, there is a long and sordid history of the CIA and Wall Street dominating the illegal drug addiction and death business. Muslims, at best, play an insignificant and peripheral role in Wall Street’s international drug business.

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