Green Party candidate Jill Stein continued her quest Monday for a recount of the presidential election results in the three key states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, but was thwarted Monday by the Wisconsin Elections Commission, which rejected her request to require a count by hand.

Stein quickly responded that she would sue and also filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania to force a recount there. Her supporters began filing recount requests at the precinct level in the Keystone State, where initial results showed Republican Donald Trump ahead of Democrat Hillary Clinton by 70,638 votes.

Stein — who received just a tiny piece of the vote in Michigan — plans to ask for a recount there on Wednesday, according to Mark Brewer, former chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party and lawyer for Stein.

Michigan’s Board of Canvassers certified its election results Monday afternoon, showing Trump won the presidential race by a 10,704-vote margin over Clinton.

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