Youngor Jallah, the stepdaughter of American Ebola patient Thomas Duncan, an individual she had direct contact with shortly before he was diagnosed with Ebola, said that no one has given her any instructions, and that she found out that her stepfather was diagnosed with Ebola on the news in an interview on Friday’s “AC360” on CNN.

“No one is giving me no instructions and gave me instructions, and no one is telling me nothing” she stated. And “no one [told] me I’m under quarantine.”

Jallah added “When the Health Department came, they said they are going to be coming here for 21 days. But we asked them ‘can we go outside to get our babies diapers?’ They told us ‘no. You guys should stay in here until we can ask our boss if you guys can go out or come out of the house.’ So maybe today, we are waiting for them, when they come today they [are] going to give us the answer.”

She also reported that she learned of her stepfather’s diagnosis by watching the news on TV and that after she learned of the diagnosis “no one gave me any direction” on how to prevent herself from being further exposed to the disease.

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