Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, who once apologized for misrepresenting his military service in Vietnam, claimed President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey “may well produce impeachment proceedings.”

“It may well produce another United States vs. Nixon on a subpoena that went to United States Supreme Court,” Blumenthal said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “It may well produce impeachment proceedings, although we’re very far from that possibility.”

Blumenthal has joined other Congressional Democrats in calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the Russian government’s alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election, arguing Trump’s firing of Comey was creating a “looming constitutional crisis.”

President Trump took to Twitter in response to Senator Blumenthal’s comments, claiming he “cried like a baby” over Comey’s firing and should be investigated for lying about his military service record.

“Watching Senator Richard Blumenthal speak of Comey is a joke,” he said. “‘Richie’ devised one of the greatest military frauds in U.S. history. For years, as a pol in Connecticut, Blumenthal would talk of his great bravery and conquests in Vietnam – except he was never there. When caught, he cried like a baby and begged for forgiveness…and now he is judge & jury.”

“He should be the one who is investigated for his acts.”

During his first campaign for Senate in 2010, the New York Times revealed that during a speech in Norwalk, Connecticut in 2008, Blumenthal claimed to have served “in Vietnam” when, in fact, he had never served overseas.

Blumenthal was a member of the Marine Corps Reserves for six years during the Vietnam War, from 1970 to 1976, but was never deployed abroad.

“I have misspoken about my service, and I regret that, and I take full responsibility,” Blumenthal said in 2010.

Despite the controversy, Blumenthal defeated his Republican opponent, former wrestling CEO Linda McMahon, by nearly 12 percent.

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