President-elect Donald Trump’s recent nominations of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General and retired Gen. Mike Flynn for National Security Advisor are the latest examples of how Trump’s administration is shaping up to be a nationalist dream team, says insider Roger Stone.

“We’re seeing beginnings of a team of nationalists,” Stone said on The Alex Jones Show Friday. “A team of men and women who will put America, not the globalist agenda, first.”

“Jeff Sessions is the law-and-order Attorney General that Trump was describing,” he continued. “An early Trump supporter, a believer in sealing our borders and the rule of law, and the right man to proceed against the Clintons with a grand jury proceeding.”

Gen. Flynn’s nomination by Trump for National Security Advisor is also an encouraging sign that America will discontinue its interventionist foreign policy and take the threat of radical Islamic terrorism more seriously.

“It’s an enormous deal because it coordinates the activities of the Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence, the Pentagon – I mean, this is the job Henry Kissinger had,” Stone said. “This is the molder of the president’s foreign policy.”

“He’s reflective of the kind of men and women that you’re going to get out of a Trump administration.”

The globalists had tried and failed to derail Gen. Flynn by claiming he failed to turn in certain paperwork when he filed with the Congress to do some lobbying, Stone pointed out.

“It’s not clear that he needed to,” he said. “It was an oversight. In no way should it keep with distinguished man from serving in the Trump cabinet.”

So far, Trump has appointed Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon as his chief strategist and RNC Chairman Reince Preibus as his Chief of Staff, and nominated Kansas congressman Mike Pompeo for CIA Director, a critic of both Obama’s Iran deal and Clinton’s handling of Benghazi in 2011.

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