John Smithers
Wake Up 1776
March 22, 2010

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Title says it all. And it doesn’t stop with Obamacare. We need to use the states to take back state sovereignty overall. We need to revive how our nation was shortly after the first revolution – a strong union of thirteen separate and individual states.

Our states need to sue the federal government for the gross recklessness with the Obamacare legislation. Then we need to pass legislation at the state level asserting our rights altogether as states. We should attempt to assert our sovereignty through the courts and through legislation. If that fails, then God help us. But our states must remain sovereign at all costs. We must restore the Republic.

Greg Abbott, the Attorney General of Texas is holding a conference call tonight with other state Attorneys General to develop national litigation strategy against Obamacare.

Here is the link to his Facebook where he made the announcement.

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