Columbus, Ohio, where cops say Stormy Daniels groped undercover officers at a strip club, is a liberal city, which may contradict her lawyer’s claim her arrest was “politically-motivated.”

Under Ohio law, it’s illegal for a nude or semi-nude dancer from touching anyone who’s not a family member during a performance, which is what Ohio police accuse Daniels of doing.

In response, her lawyer Michael Avenatti claimed the arrest was “politically-motivated.”

However, it was local police who arrested her, and Columbus in general leans left.

Frankin County, Ohio, which includes Columbus, overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Furthermore, the Columbus Mayor, Andrew Ginther, is a Democrat – and Democrats control the City Council for the time being.

“The Columbus City Council will remain a single-party legislature,” The Columbus Dispatch reported in Nov. “Democratic incumbents swept all three council seats that were up for election on the seven-member body, cementing the party’s hold on City Hall for at least two more years.”

“…After an election in which Democrats opposed Democrats, Hardin said the local party needs to unify.”

The Columbus Police Department said Daniels’ arrest was part of “a long-term investigation into allegations of human trafficking, prostitution, along with other vice-related violations.”

Daniels was just briefly visiting Ohio as part of her nationwide tour.

Avenatti did not respond to a request for a comment at the time of this writing.

Update: Ohio prosecutors dropped the charges, according to Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, because the law refers to performers “who regularly appears nude or seminude.”

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