Ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has told his trial for pimping in France that he is annoyed with persistent questions about his sexual practices.

The one-time presidential hopeful denies helping to procure sex workers for a hotel prostitution ring.

As he gave evidence for a second day of evidence, questions continued to focus on sex parties he attended in Paris, Brussels and Washington.

He told the court in Lille he was not on trial for “deviant acts”.

Two former prostitutes who took part in the sex parties have been giving evidence at the trial, both alleging that Mr Strauss-Kahn, widely known in France as DSK, had been rough in his behaviour.

Although using prostitutes is not illegal in France, supplying them or assisting in supplying them is, and the former head of the International Monetary Fund insists he was unaware that women involved in the parties were prostitutes.

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