During a debate about the threat to free speech on university campuses, Richard Brooks, the Vice-President of the National Union of Students, almost quoted George Orwell’s Animal Farm directly when he said that “some people have more equal rights than others.”

Asked by host Victoria Derbyshire, “are too many people being silenced?” Brooks said that the NUS’ “no platform policy” was a way of preventing “fascists and racists” from speaking on campus.

Brooks claimed that the organization’s “safe space policy” is “based on the idea that every single person has freedom of speech, and everyone has equal right to freedom of speech, however, some people have more equal rights than others.”

Brooks added that prioritizing the opinions of some people over others (ie not believing in equality), was a means of “ensuring that marginalized groups get their views heard.”

He also claimed that such policies were “progressive” and were not an example of “censorship”.

Brook’s statement sounds even creepier when you listen to it with the Soviet national anthem as a backing track.

This is another example of how leftists don’t believe in equality. They believe in the “oppression olympics,” where some people’s views are deemed more important due to their skin color, gender, sexual identity or religion, and therefore it is necessary to sideline and censor the views of people who don’t have one of those special privileges.

When Brooks was later accused by somebody on Twitter of sounding “Orwellian,” he claimed he was simply referring to how “some people in society have more power than others.”


Orwell’s Animal Farm, published in 1945, is an allegorical critique of Stalinism and Communism.

In the story, one of the pigs, Squealer, is tasked with revising history in order to exert authority over the other characters and limit their ability to challenge the pigs’ power monopoly.

Squealer changes the ‘7 commandments’ from “All animals are equal,” to “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

The fact that Brooks’ statement is lifted almost word for word from Animal Farm, a book which was written as a warning about what happens when socialist ideals are hijacked by corrupt individuals and used to oppress others – is chilling.


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