“We wish that the law would let us carry guns because we’re legal adults.”

Adan Salazar
April 10, 2013

One of the students who hid in a classroom with about 50 others during a mass stabbing at the Lone Star Community College in northwest Houston yesterday told reporters he wished “that the law would let us carry guns,” slamming the unconstitutional laws that prevented students from being able to defend themselves.

“I was in the classroom right next to it,” the unidentified man told a Fox News reporter.

Recalling the chaos inside the college as frightened students were forced to cower in fear and pack an overcrowded classroom, the second year student stated, “It was just kinda crazy… it sounded like a rock concert, or something… [we] heard somebody scream with pain or something, and we all went back in our room and took everybody that was in the hallways with us. So we put about 50 people in a classroom built for about 20.”

As campuses across the nation are designated “gun-free zones,” the young man expressed they had no one to rely on but God: “God protected us in our classroom, and we wish we could protect ourselves with guns and stuff. We wish that the law would let us carry guns because we’re legal adults, and carry guns on campus to protect ourselves. But so far all we have to rely on is God, but we’d love to have God and the law on our side.”

“Proponents of gun free zones and the 1990 law mandating them never mention the fact that mass murderers specifically target defenseless schools, theaters and malls because they know there will be little resistance to their rampages if a defense-free rule is in effect,” Kurt Nimmo wrote in December.

Even though no one on campus was fatally injured, a statement from Carla Howell, executive director of the Libertarian Party, made in the aftermath of Sandy Hook school massacre still rings true: “We must stop blinding ourselves to the obvious: Most of these mass killings are happening at schools where self-defense is prohibited. Gun prohibition sets the stage for the slaughter of innocent children. We must repeal these anti-self-defense laws now to minimize the likelihood they will occur in the future and to the limit the damage done when they do.”

As the NRA and others have highlighted, the Obama administration and his gun grabbing cohorts work feverishly to wither the gun rights of law-abiding citizens and do everything in their power to prevent armed guards at public schools, while they themselves rest comfortably knowing they have armed security detail and knowing their children are safe attending private schools protected by armed guards.

The Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, Larry Pratt, has also gone on record calling gun-free zones “murder magnets.”

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