A group of students at American University protested on campus this week to demand the sacking of a member of the school’s board of trustees because the trustee, Gary Cohn, met with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss serving as Trump’s energy secretary.

Cohn, the president of Goldman Sachs and a former commodities trader, met with Trump on Monday.

By Tuesday, reports Campus Reform, an American University student group called the Community Action and Social Justice Coalition had started a Facebook page entitled — in yuge font — “DUMP TRUMP, FIRE COHN.”

“American University Trustee Gary Cohn met with President-elect Donald Trump. Cohn, as a member of the board has voting power to influence our tuition, our status as a sanctuary campus, and whether our [sic] not we divest from fossil fuels and other oppressive industries,” the Facebook page reads, in part.

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