According to a new GovPredict study released Thursday, Apple employees heavily favored Democrats in their contributions for local, state, and federal elections. In all, 91 percent of their political giving went to Democrats, with only 9 percent going to Republicans between 2004 and 2018.

Since 2004, 95.5 percent of contributions by Apple employees to local political action committees (PACs) went to Democrats and only 4.5 percent went to Republicans. Since 2010, 91 percent of Apple employee contributions to state PACs went to Democrats. Since 2014, 100 percent of Apple employee gifts to partisan 527 organizations went to Democrats. Since 2004, 90.5 percent of Apple employee contributions to federal PACs went to Democrats.

GovPredict study screenshot showing Apple political contributions by employees.

Overall, 91 percent of Apple employee political contributions went to Democrats, while only 9 percent went to Republicans.

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