A new study has found that 72% of Americans will reach their “breaking point” if the coronavirus stay-at-home order continues into the middle of June.

In a poll conducted by Kelton Global , 1,895 U.S. citizens were asked how long they could tolerate being cooped up due to COVID-19.

“The survey was conducted between April 3rd and 6th, and at that time, 16% said they had already hit their breaking point, with that number rising to 25% within the next two weeks. That would indicate that one in four Americans have likely reached wits’ end by now,” according to Study Finds.

20% of women has already reached their breaking point when the study was conducted compared to 12% of men.

More and more commentators and health experts are beginning to question whether the wider impact of economic devastation and people with serious health problems aside from coronavirus avoiding the hospital will in fact lead to more excess deaths than COVID-19.

Given that the answers to the poll were provided nearly four weeks ago, the number of Americans who have already reached “breaking point” is probably now significantly higher.

“Our findings highlight the increasingly serious implications of stay-at-home orders, and puts some urgency on the actions of politicians and organizations who try to manage the COVID-19 fallout,” said Kelton Global’s Chief Insights Officer Dr. Martin Eichholz.


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