[Editor’s note: While it’s obvious that Hillary ran a horrible campaign, her lack of advertising was not what propelled Trump to the top. This study fails to acknowledge the historic sea change occurring right now across the planet as world populations reject unaccountable, old money governments in favor of seeking a higher level of consciousness. Humanity’s destiny reaches beyond the predatory elite and into the stars.

A new study by the Wesleyan Media Project has found that the 2016 presidential campaign run by Hillary Clinton is without a doubt one of the worst-run political operations in years.

Interestingly, the directors of the study dispute the argument that “advertising doesn’t matter” in elections. Clinton’s failure to advertise in certain key states, they argue, was the biggest reason for her defeat by Donald Trump.

The study also backs the view that Clinton’s focus on identity politics and emphasis on condemning her opposition contributed to a campaign message devoid of substance with no clear message on policy.

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