A German TV show proved that the so-called “diversity barriers” being set up in cities around Europe to stop terror attacks by jihadists using trucks as weapons are completely useless.

Following a series of Islamic terror attacks using large trucks in Nice, Berlin, Stockholm, Barcelona and London, authorities in cities around the continent responded by installing concrete filled barriers, with some even being decorated in Christmas colors to hide their aesthetic ugliness.

However, a series of tests by a German TV show reveals how the barriers are merely there to calm the public’s concerns and don’t actually work properly.

Footage shows a truck traveling at 50kph plough through the barriers with little effort, pushing them out of the way with only a small reduction in the vehicle’s speed.

The truck’s tires are ripped off, but it would have traveled another 50 meters if not for a wall, meaning that casualties would have been inevitable.

“What this tells us is that the concrete blocks themselves do not halt much,” said one of the experts involved in the study.

The video also points out that since the concrete barriers are being erected only a few meters from the entrance to most sites, attack vehicles would be able to plough right through to the middle, or in the case of Dresden, through the whole square, without much resistance.

A second test with the barriers moved much closer together still doesn’t stop the truck, as it pushes them aside and breaks through the cordon.

The one ton heavy stones also become deadly projectiles as they are pushed forward by the truck, similar to how balls strike each other when playing pool.

Expert Thomas Pampel said the test proved that the concrete barriers were just a “placebo effect” and could pose “an even bigger danger” than just the truck.

Marcus Gartner admitted that the barrier “is probably more of a mental thing” for people to see that “something is being done,” but that it doesn’t actually work.

When those involved in the study attempted to present their findings to German authorities, most refused to even look at it, with only Dresden police showing an interest.


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