Kurt Nimmo
Truth News
February 3, 2008

It seems the Ministry of Homeland Security will use whatever excuse to blur the lines between local police and the military, thus finally laying to rest the idea put forth in the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

“While the Department of Homeland Security says there are no specific terror threats regarding Super Bowl XLII, security is being taken seriously at the game, where the New England Patriots will face-off with the New York Giants,” writes George Hulme for Information Week. “The game has been designated a level one security event by the Department of Homeland Security. That authorizes the use of federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Secret Service to help local and state law enforcement keep the event safe.”

As Los Angeles Business notes, there will be “800 officers from numerous agencies” on hand, just in case Osama makes an appearance.

In addition to feds and soldiers crawling over the event in Arizona, there is “a no fly zone, a secure perimeter, and spectators should expect to be vetted before getting through. And there’s a list of prohibited items ranging from beach balls to weapons. Fans can also expect scads of security cameras and aircraft flying above surveying the area, while trained dogs will be on the lookout for explosives.” In other words, the game will provide a perfect excuse to remind the commoners they live in a police state.

But if you’re not going to the game, and you happen to notice a strange metallic object roaming around the stadium or parking lot while you’re watching from home, don’t worry, it’s just probably an HD-1.

According to Northrop Grumman Corp., the company will be providing support for robots produced by its subsidiary, Remotec, Inc. “We’re here to support the event and hopefully go unnoticed by fans. Our job isn’t to be a disruption but to keep danger at a distance,” said Mack Barber, president of Remotec, an operating unit of Northrop Grumman’s Mission Systems sector, said in a release.

Northrop Grumman manufactures a variety of hazardous duty robots, all dubbed with Sci-Fi sounding names: The HD-1, F6A, Mark V-A1, Mini-Andros II, and the Wolverine. They’re designed to deal with an array of nasty materials and explosives.

They’ll be roaming a two-square mile zone around the stadium.

Of course, only blind fans will not notice this hunk of metal and circuit boards, and certainly folks within the “two-square mile zone around the stadium” will notice. Chertoff and the Ministry want us to notice and take note: in order to stop al-Qaeda, we need this sort of technology roaming the streets, along with soldiers no doubt in full battle gear and FBI and BATF agents in their distinctive windbreakers, armed to the teeth. It’s all for your safety, never mind there is no such thing as al-Qaeda, or rather there only is when a draconian bill or two needs to pass the hurdle in Congress, admittedly a rather short hurdle.

As the cops in Mexico and Canada will merge soon enough, that is if our rulers have their way with the NAU, it makes sense “Vancouver 2010 security police are at the Super Bowl in Phoenix,” as The Province explains, “embedded” with the above melange, studying “surveillance and security” and likely comparing notes.

In all of this, it seems football comes in second, as the point is to send a message: you live in a police state now. It is high time you get accustomed to cops decked out like combat soldiers, killer robots in the street, surveillance cameras on every corner, blimps, F-16s, spot searches, frisking — and a jolt or two from a taser if you misbehave and are slow to obey barked commands — and all manner of high-tech “security” against ill-defined if not cartoonish enemies and invisible threats that will never materialize.

But then, of course, you are the enemy, not Osama and his dour band of Muslim cave dwellers. In a police state, the people are always the enemy. In a dictatorship, you will follow orders or will be made to pay the price.

Got that?

Now please enjoy the game.

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