The threat is an all-encompassing police state and control grid

Kurt Nimmo
February 3, 2014

Police state grid going into place is not about al-Qaeda or crazed jihadists who hate us for our freedom.
The police state grid going into place has nothing to do with al-Qaeda or crazed jihadists who hate us for our freedom.

Al-Qaeda was not interested in bombing the Super Bowl. If the shadowy terror group harbored a sincere interest in killing Americans, it would have done so by now. There is ample opportunity in America for terrorists to engage in mass murder even with a police state lockdown.

This was demonstrated on Sunday when Matthew Mills, a citizen journalist described dismissively as a “9/11 truther,” managed to penetrate what was billed as unprecedented security at the Super Bowl. He was able to enter the stadium without problem, grab a microphone and go live on ESPN and declare the September 11 attacks were “perpetrated by people in our own government.”

If Mills was able to easily defeat security with a press pass it seems likely al-Qaeda or other terrorists would be able to do the same. But they didn’t and they haven’t. That’s because al-Qaeda is not a threat. Al-Qaeda is something other than what the government says it is. It is a phantom.

The government claims it has mastered terror interruptus. Every few months it parades a witless patsy before the media and says it prevented another terror plot. It proudly claims it has prevented dozens of attacks. But there is an unmistakable pattern here. The supposed terrorists are set-up by the FBI and its army of agent provocateurs. The fact the FBI finds dupes and arranges attacks never meant to be carried out is downplayed by the corporate media. The government dramatically exploits the cases to push its police state agenda. We saw this recently when California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein and her colleagues on the Senate Intelligence Committee and its counterpart in the House cited phony terror plots to excuse NSA surveillance of the American people.

A dedicated terrorist would have no problem walking into a mall or a post office and detonating a bomb. A terror attack like the one at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi last year or at hotels in Mumbai in 2008 would be relatively easy to pull off here in America. The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security would be unable to stop such an attack the same way they were unable to stop the Washington Navy Yard shooting.

All the hoopla in the lead-up to the Super Bowl game – thousands of cops, TSA checkpoints, bomb sniffing dogs, military helicopters, F16s and restricted airspace – all of it is theater designed to make you think the government is protecting us against terrorists.

Every American should realize by now the massive surveillance and police state grid systematically going into place is not about al-Qaeda or crazed jihadists who hate us for our freedom. It is about making sure the American people are unable to politically organize and throw out the bankster and corporatist controlled government that is destroying the country.

The anti-terror Kabuki theater in New Jersey was not about scaring off the minions of Osama bin Laden. It was intended to show Americans they live in a police state. Resistance is not yet futile, but the longer we put up with this tyrannical charade and allow the state to tighten its totalitarian vice around us, it soon will be.

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