Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s “Super Trump!”

A massive animation of Donald Trump outfitted in a Superman costume emblazoned with a giant “T” will soon grace the epicenter of New York City.

Dubbed “Super Trump,” the 55-foot tall digital billboard, commissioned at $25,000 by advocates of the GOP nominee, will light up New York’s Time Square in efforts to galvanize support for the businessman in the crucial weeks ahead of the election.

super-trump-235The mastermind behind the image is none other than “Dreams from my Real Father” producer and director Joel Gilbert, who says he believes the digital banner has the potential to go viral.

“Imagery is critical in politics,” Gilbert recently said in an interview with WND.

“Today the right image can quickly go viral,” said Gilbert. “Instead of a picture being worth a thousand words, in the Internet age, an image can quickly be worth 100,000,000 words!”

Gilbert says the image is reflective of what he’s seen from Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

“Donald Trump has the stamina to be president,” Gilbert told the New York Post.

“You see Trump traveling the country on his airplane. He’s looking to solve people’s problems…It’s giving power back to the people. Who is more American than Superman?”

According to WND: “The ‘Super Trump’ animation on the digital billboard located between 46th and 47th Street is designed to play for 15 seconds, with repeated showings approximately every two minutes, intermixed with other messages for four consecutive days, Tuesday through Friday. The superhero message will be in constant rotation 24 hours each day.”

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