Daily Mail
September 20, 2011

Apples imported from China are being sold at a  supermarket less than a mile from the orchards of Kent.

The move by Morrisons at a store in the Garden of England has angered shoppers and disappointed growers, who say it flies in the face of demand for local food.

Britain relies on apple imports from southern hemisphere countries such as Australia and New Zealand, and, to a small extent, China, during our summer.

But it is unusual to find the Chinese Fuji apples – which are stored and shipped 5,000 miles to British supermarkets – at this time of the year, when local apples are available.

They are currently on sale at Morrisons in Herne Bay, which is only half a mile from orchards where trees are heavy with fruit.

The Fuji apples were yesterday being promoted via a large display at the front of the store at a price of £1.27 per pound. By contrast, small bags of Kent apples at £1 each had been relegated to the rear.

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